Our Sustainability Manifesto

At Nordina Home UK, looking after the planet is not just an empty slogan. Little by little, we believe in making an effort to make business more sustainable. Below you can find some of the actions we put in place and play our little part in a larger than life project.

Upgrading our product packaging.

In 2021, our dedicated logistics team made sure that our products were getting shipped from our main factory unboxed in containers directly to our local warehouses. Here, we further box them into small packaging and send them directly to your doorstep. This way, we reduce material wastage that helps our environment and speeds up the delivery process to your doorstep.

Developing sustainable products.

Our product development team started the long-anticipated process of replacing our cow leather from Brazil with the newest eco-friendly vegan leather. Today, 98% of our leather products are vegan-based, which keeps our animals safe and reduces a large amount of carbon footprint released into the atmosphere.

Putting the good in bye.

Customer care made a significant advancement for our business by giving back to our community but also including our customers in acts of kindness during challenging and uncertain times. Our process of returns now encourages all of our customers to donate non-eligible refund items to the local charity. By donating 400 chairs last year, our customer care team reduced the amount of returned furniture and contributed to happier and more beautiful environments worldwide with the help of our customers.

Increasing office engagement.

Our administration team made a great effort by decreasing the number of energy resources that we spend every month. During the winter months, we are merging two working spaces into one floor to make sure we spent less electricity, decreasing the toxic resources harmful to the environment.

Saving Energy.

In 2022, our design team started using an external app service that outsources our rendering work to Vietnam. As a result, we noticed a significant increase in efficiency, and reduced our electricity consumption and dependency on Russian gas.

Should you have more questions about our sustainability manifesto and some of the steps we are putting in place, or just to provide some very welcome feedback, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.