Anti-Modern Slavery Statement

We ought to act with absolute integrity towards every one of our team members, never forcing or imposing unauthorized or illegal work against their free will.

It is also essential that we oppose the values of any organization, business, or corporation that by any means supports slavery or human trafficking of any sort. You can see and read our official statement on our website.

Kids Go To School They Don’t Work

Every child should learn and create instead of working. We are taking all the necessary measures to make sure our supplier never utilizes early age labour in any shape or form. Our company encourages all of our kids to play and we are so grateful for being able to donate lego to several local kindergartens.

Strong Women Run Our Business

We believe that every strong business always has strong women in positions of power. As our Nordina Home manager team expanded throughout the years, we brought more incredible women into the decision-making positions. Now 4 out of 7 of our managers are strong ladies ready to take on any challenging task.

Our Sustainable Partners

Since all of our B2B partners work hard to keep our environment green we ought to do the same thing. It is important for us to partner with companies that use their energy the right way. This is one of the main reasons why we partnered with DPD as they use electric cars in order to deliver all of our orders using the most sustainable method. Your orders are never harmful to the environment.


How many women are in crucial positions in your company?

More than 50% of our managers and crucial staff are women.

How does your company contribute to the environment?

Smaller packaging and the fact that 98% of our products are made from vegan leather are some of the many measures we took to do our part in decreasing the greenhouse effect.

Where can I find your Anti-Modern Slavery Statement

You can see our entire official anti-modern slavery statement by clicking here.

How does your company save energy?

In 2024, our design team started using an external app service that outsources our rendering work. This reduced our electricity consumption exponentially.

Which types of businesses do you support?

We support a lot of different businesses but we are trying to do the most for health care as well as educational facilities.