June 17, 2024 • Style

Chances are you are probably sitting way too much at work. Various professional research proved that sitting too much during the day can even be bad for your health. There are several ways to make sure you are being productive and healthy during your workweek, but one that can bring you a long-term change is a standing desk. Despite countless health benefits, it is a great way to fill in space and remain focused throughout the day without feeling tired. This article aims to cover the different benefits of standing desks for you and your work environment.

Increasing The Productivity

There are so many reasons why having a standing desk in your working space improves your focus and productivity levels exponentially. For the longest time, there were different speculations that standing while working can decrease your productivity due to a possible difficulty while typing. The research quickly debunked that theory performed initially by Texas A&M University in 2014.

Initially, the researchers tested the productivity and focus of the customer service call center agents by separating them into two groups. After six months of constant testing of two groups of workers, there were some interesting discoveries that they’ve shown. The second group in which the workers adjusted their tables to stand or sit throughout the day was more productive by 46% compared to the first one with standard seating options. The productivity was determined by successful calls completed per hour.

Standing Desk Health Benefits

Yes, you heard it right. Having an adjustable standing desk in your working space can increase your health. Different types of health research have shown that when the body goes through the phases of sitting and standing during the day, it has much fewer tendencies to feel tired than when only sitting. One of the main reasons this turns out to be true is a better heart rate that comes as a result. Likewise, people’s mood generally increases when they are standing and changing the positions of their bodies.

Here are some of the most important advantages that a standing desk brings to your health:

  • Lowers the risk of obesity – Did you know that just by standing, you can burn close to 1000 calories by the time your workweek ends? Of course, you do not need to stand all day, but the change between sitting and standing throughout your working hours. Standing during the afternoon working hours burns around 170 calories a day.
  • Lowering blood sugar levels – Did you know that higher sugar levels can harm your health, especially after lunch or dinner? Many different health studies showed that standing 180 minutes after a meal reduces blood sugar spikes by 43%. One of the most interesting ones included 23 office workers standing and sitting every 30 minutes. Their sugar levels were reduced by 11.1% on average. Excessive sedentary time after dining increases the risk of type 2 diabetes, so it is always important that you try to be as physically active as you can during your workweek.
  • Lowering risks of heart disease – In 1953 the notion of standing for better health was brought up for the first time. Many studies after that proved that extended sedentary time throughout the day increases the risk of heart disease exponentially. One of the most famous researches showed that conductors in buses who stand most of the time had 50% less chance to get heart disease than bus drivers. We need to change our posture throughout the day as the negative effects of constant sitting sometimes can’t be reduced even with excessive one-hour training.

No More Back Pain

One of the more obvious yet essential benefits of getting an adjustable standing desk is an easier time for your spine. No matter how comfortable the chair, sitting too much in one position can cause pain, so having the option to work while standing from time to time is essential.

A famous study by the CDC Organization ( Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) showed that using a sit-stand table decreases neck and upper back pain by almost 50% after a couple of weeks. Despite the apparent decrease of pain, standing desk benefits go far beyond this as it can improve your body posture long term. Standing more throughout the day will train your back to get used to the feeling of being straight instead of being hunched over.

Bringing Back The Right Energy

Standing more often during your working day results in less stress and exhaustion, but it also increases the mood and motivation when combined with the right music. Sales companies often insist on making their agents stand more when talking to increase the energy in their voices. These methods often result in much more sales, but you can apply them to any other type of business.

Adjustable Table Desk Advantages

Inspired by the heart of Danish woods, this standing desk brings the natural beauty of the wood into any interior. With the rise of the popularity of table desks in the UK, many started to think about why there is such high demand. In multiple businesses, employees proved that standing desks improve team chemistry and are great for communication. When standing, employees become more eager to approach one another and discuss different ideas while solving problems. Besides that, one of the most important reasons these unique tables stand out is their ability to transform easily.

Instead of changing places and losing precious time, you can quickly adjust the height you’re comfortable with depending on whether you’re sitting or standing. Our artisans also cared about minor details like unwanted noise. To prevent it our table has only one motor. Besides that, the setup is very quick and easy, while the table top’s texture has a beautiful minimalistic aesthetic with no holes or unevenness. With so many different advantages, there is no reason why you shouldn’t get your piece even today. If you’re considering looking at a specific model, do not hesitate to check our website. There is always a chance you might find something interesting.