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We’re introducing the newest addition to your home and a seamless blend of nature and design. This standing desk masterpiece brings together functionality and an eye-catching look that will elevate the aesthetics of every modern space.

An iconic desk piece made not only to enhance your office space, but change and elevate your lifestyle for many years to come. Designed to help you reach your perfect body shape our smart technology makes changing positions between sitting and standing effortless with a click of a button. While a durable carbon steel frame gives your electric desk perfect stability, the wooden top ensures a smooth texture and the aesthetics are always on point. Increase your energy levels by changing positions and decrease your daily calorie amount to reach the slim and fit ideal while concentrating on your professional goals.

What’s Your Daily Calorie Burn Potential?

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Your daily calorie burn depends on so many different factors, but there is always an established golden average. By sitting and standing for 4 hours during your workday the number of calories you can burn is somewhere around 860. Of course this depends on various factors such as weight, height, and even gender as ladies burn 766 while the guys go to even 998 per work day.

Skyrocket Your Productivity

Businesses are always looking for smart and effective ways to boost the morale and results of their employees. With our new Triton Electric Slim Fit Desk™ your staff will be healthier, happier and more energized. Changing positions between sitting and standing during the day also increases communication and cooperation which can be crucial for long term success.

Executive Aesthetics

Inspired by the finest that Scandinavian minimalism has to offer, our new Triton Electric Slim Fit Desk™ perfectly nails the professional look you need for your modern office space. While completely blending into any executive room this standing table also looks amazing in larger spaces and can be incorporated into biophilic design.

1on1 Support to Track Your Progress

Nordina Home wants to give you its full support on your journey. Your new Triton Electric Slim Fit Desk™ will be accompanied with a 3 months of personal check up and a personal agent to hold you accountable for your progress. With one on one weekly calls, you will gain more knowledge and extra tips to help you in your pursuit towards the perfect body shape, but you will also be able to track your calorie burn progress.

Want to See Fast Results?

You don’t need to spend hours in the fitness center to see a fast and effective decrease in kilograms. Standing 4 hours a day for one work-week can burn more than 4500 calories. Developing a healthy and almost effortless habit like changing your positions between sitting and standing will make the road to your desired physique much faster and easier.

Discover Our Slim Smart Technology

Once you’ve set your perfect height our smart technology memorizes it and locks the position with the click of a button. Besides the constant healthy motion throughout the day, this feat will not only keep you on top of your task but will also increase your energy levels.

Easy Behavior Change

We know that gym is important, but when overwhelmed with work and obligations this can be something that is not available at certain times. Yet, we still want to implement small behavior changes that will benefit our health long term. Having a standing desk is a smart and effective way to do so without putting more unwanted effort when other things are a priority.


How will Triton Electric Slim Fit Desk™ improve my health?

Different health research studies have shown that switching between sitting and standing during the day lowers the chances of becoming tired. The result is a better heart rate and lower sugar levels. Also, your mood generally improves when your body changes positions throughout the day. Standing during your workweek can burn close to 950 calories by the time it ends. Standing desk also lowers the risk of heart disease by 50% as shown by famous health studies.

How many calories can I burn in a day while standing?

Although it depends on your size and physical characteristics you can burn around 850 calories on average if you stand for 4 out of 8 working hours. This is more than enough to see great results in the near future.

What are the features of your Triton Electric Slim Fit Desk™?

Our standing desk comes in beautiful Swedish Ash and Canadian Walnut. If you’re more for the classic look you can always go with our black and white tabletop options.

We designed our Triton Electric Slim Fit Desk™ to fit all the different space sizes. If you have a smaller room, you won’t have to worry if your standing.

How many hours should I stand during the day for the best results?

Based on our tested experience the ideal time frame is between 2 and 4 working hours. Of course you can stand more if you feel like it, but this is an optimal amount.

How to clean and maintain my Triton Electric Slim Fit Desk™?

To keep your tabletop shiny at all times use a non-abrasive cleaning spray or liquid. After applying it to the surface, clean it with a damp cloth, then do the same with a dry one. The same should be done with the legs as well.

How does your smart technology work?

To have your perfect height adjusted with a click of a button press the S button and then one of the numbers as a memory slot. After that you just need to adjust the height with the arrows. Once you’ve set it up you can immediately go to that height by clicking on the slot number you’ve chosen. Easy peasy.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Valerie | Effective solution

I had a pretty active lifestyle before I moved and changed apartments due to a new job. Although I work from home I spend a lot of time indoors and often find myself unable to fit the gym into my schedule. Honestly, I always wanted to buy a standing table but needed it after moving. One month after using it, I must say I have nothing but praise. I feel more energized, and even if I have the time to hit the gym afterwards, I’m more motivated due to the fact I’m standing during the day.

Stewart | Quality standing table

I definitely wanted to lose a couple of kilos, but also needed a standing desk to complete my home office look. The quality and the aesthetics completely match what I saw on the website.

Stanley | I burned some extra pounds

Three months into using your slim fit desk, I’ve already seen some results in terms of weight loss. I think I lost around 8-10 pounds. Didn’t believe you could actually lose some extra pounds just from standing. Also, the desk looks very beautiful, I would recommend it to anyone who needs a desk. Cheers.

Estelle | Lovely standing desk

We’ve bought a couple of these for our new office space. The colleagues love it, and we’ve seen some significant increase in good vibes and overall energy in the office. We haven’t been disappointed with the quality and the aesthetics are spot on.

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