How Much Does a Standing Desk Help You?

Did you know that just by standing during your workweek you can burn close to 1000 calories by the time it ends? Of course, you do not need to stand all day, but the change between sitting and standing throughout your working hours. It has been shown that standing during the afternoon working hours burns around 170 calories a day. Besides these benefits, having a standing electrical desk will also lower the risk of heart disease, but it will also decrease blood sugar levels.


Easy Behavior Change To Lose Weight

We know that gym is important, but when overwhelmed with work and obligations this can be something that is not available at certain times. Yet, we still want to implement small behavior changes that will benefit our health long term. Having a standing desk is a smart and effective way to do so without putting more unwanted effort when other things are a priority.


Easy Smart Technology To Achieve Your Goal

With a simple and smart technology accessible to anyone, you can adjust your seating and standing positions according to your height. If you want to get into the sitting one, click the number one, while for standing you just need to click number two. Now you do not need to spend a crazy amount of time adjusting height manually. One-click is all you have to do.


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Strong Logistic Infrastructure

Our warehouses have an outstanding capacity of space which helps us organize and efficiently fulfill our orders in a timely manner. In addition to that, we have our facilities in various countries other than just the United Kingdom which helps us expand and improve the quality of our products.


How will a Standing desk improve my health?

Different health research studies have shown that switching between sitting and standing during the day lowers the chances of becoming tired. The result is a better heart rate and lower sugar levels. Also, your mood generally improves when your body changes positions throughout the day. Standing during your workweek can burn close to 950 calories by the time it ends. Standing desks also lower the risk of heart disease by 50% as shown by famous health studies.

Where is the best fit for my standing desk?

Triton Electric Desk is ideal for your living room and bedroom. It doesn’t matter if you want to make the space your working environment or just decorate your space a bit, you can adjust the desk height based on your needs and place some beautiful accessories to additionally decorate your tabletop.

How many colour variations do your standing desks have?

Coming in 8 different colour combinations, Triton Electric Desk perfectly blends into every modern space.

What kind of material is used to make your standing desk?

All of our tables are made from Carbon Steel base.

What are the benefits of different tabletop sizes?

We designed our Standing Desks to fit all the different space sizes. If you have a smaller room, you won’t need to worry if your standing desk will fit as you can choose the appropriate size.

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