Discover The East Midlands

If you ever wish to visit Lincolnshire and its famous windmills and resorts, we recommend you stop by the Healing Manor Hotel. They definitely bought us with their comfy and warm aesthetic which made us additionally enhance their beautiful interior by adding some nice looking dining chairs. Be free to explore the interior and maybe find some of our furniture.


The Hotel In The Heart Of Peebles

It doesn’t matter if you’re coming from the UK, or you want to visit Scotland from any other part of the world, The Tontine Hotel is definitely a place to stay. Being only 21 miles away from Edinburgh, this beautiful interior is a great starting point for you to explore the attractions and history of Scotland. We’ve also done our part by adding some stunning office chairs to their space, and we also encourage you to try them.


Experience The Essence of London

We just couldn’t start experiencing the magic of London without giving Hard Rock Hotel and Casino a visit first. If you’re someone who just can’t say no to the party, daring adventure and a good time, this should be a go-to place before you let London’s essence take over. Besides some of our office chairs that decorate the space, we really enjoyed Hard Rocks’ glamour and vibrant colours.


Feel the Aesthetics of Coastal Design

It’s never a bad time to visit the beautiful beaches of Australia. Port Beach Hotel gives you some of the most stunning coastal design rooms that will make you feel relaxed and fresh. We are so honoured to provide our friends with a beautiful Packard dining chair and enhance the look of the hotel’s lounge area. Likewise, we strongly believe that if you’re searching for a place to stay while you’re in Port Beach, this hotel is always the best option to choose.


Which chairs are the best for my hotel?

Although we always encourage our clients to find what suits their interior the most, our honest recommendation is definitely our Packard chair and Office chair models. While Packard is better suited for lounge rooms, an office chair can work perfectly behind the reception desk.

Do I need to worry about my office chairs making noise?

We designed our office chairs to be as silent as possible. For smooth movement without any noise, we recommend you our premium oil for the wheels that you can get with the office chairs.

How many items can I order?

There is not an actual limit on how many chairs you can order.

Why are your products great for my business?

Besides their premium quality, our chair’s variety of colours and unmatched comfort make them ideal for restaurants and catering facilities.

How will I get access to a dedicated B2B specialist?

By becoming our B2B customer you immediately get access to our specialists and more.

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